TranspaTect – At a glance


• Advanced SICK technology
• Elimination of the reflector as an error source
• Machine parts can be used as a reference surface
• AutoAdapt for continuous threshold adaptation in contaminated conditions
• PinPoint LED with bright and precise light spot
• Easy-to-use teach-in button
• Status LEDs visible from all sides
• Rugged metal housing (PTFE coating available on request)


• Reliable detection of transparent and semitransparent objects without a reflector
• Reliable detection of objects regardless of color or surface qualities
• Freedom of machine design: no mounting system for the installation of a reflector required
• Quick commissioning: there is no need to mount a reflector or precisely adjust the sensor
• High operational safety: if the background becomes contaminated, object detection will continue uninterrupted
• Machine downtime is minimized: the integrated AutoAdapt function extends the time between cleanings
• Heightened productivity: mechanical and chemical ruggedness due to the metal housing

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