TIC501 Pro


• Ultra-precise vehicle counting and classification in free-flowing traffic
• Maximum mounting flexibility: mounting above and at the side of the road possible
• Detects multiple lanes at the same time
• Highly precise counting, even for vehicles changing the lanes
• Classification of up to 30 different vehicle categories
• Easy to install and commission


• Installation next to the road removes costs associated with gantries and lane closures
• One TIC501 Pro can monitor several lanes at once, reducing overall costs
• Quick, easy and cost-effective mounting since no work is required on the road surface
• Temporary lane changes, for example in construction areas, do not require
the TIC501 Pro to be repositioned, allowing continuous operation
• Long maintenance intervals and short installation times reduce operating costs
• Intuitive graphical user interface allows quick and easy operation
• Fast implementation thanks to TCP/ IP interface

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