Standard Automation Light Grids ELG


• Up to 128 beams
• Different beam resolutions of 10 mm / 30 mm and 60 mm
• High operating reserve for sensing ranges up to 12 m
• Potentiometer for sensitivity setting
• Ambient light up to 200,000 lx
• Rugged aluminum housing
• PNP/NPN, relay output and a test input
• Optical synchronization


• High immunity to ambient light when exposed to sunlight and reflective objects, eliminating false trips
• A high operating reserve increases application reliability and reduces maintenance costs
• Efficient and effective way to evaluate multiple beams in one housing with one connection cable
• Simple commissioning thanks to a larger optical opening angle and manual fine adjustment option
• Optical synchronization enables quick installation and cost-effective connection
• The sensitivity setting enables trouble-free operation without reflection problems for the customer

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