Ranger 3D VISION


• Fast 3D measurement at high speed and quality
• MultiScan function for simultaneously measuring the 3D shape, contrast, color, and scatter
• Sensor resolutions of up to 1,536 pixels in 3D and 3,072 pixels in grayscale and color
• High levels of flexibility in configuration, working distance, and field of view
• In-machine 3D calibration
• Gigabit Ethernet and CameraLink interfaces


• High-speed and high-resolution measurements allow you to increase production throughput, and still see fine details, thus ensuring production quality
• Get accurate size and position measurements in 3D regardless of an object‘s height or color, ensuring reliable solutions
• High levels of flexibility in the field of view combined with the in-machine 3D calibration concept provides true millimeter dimensions
• Unique MultiScan technology enables one camera to do the work of many, reducing costs for integration, maintenance, and accessories, and creating cost-efficient solutions.
• The high level of flexibility and versatility of the Ranger makes it the ideal choice for challenging tasks

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