MultiTask Photoelectric Sensors DeltaPac


• Delta-S technology®, four PinPoint 2.0 LEDs and two energy scales, combined with SIRIC® and distance measurement technology
• Able to detect object contours with radii of up to 20 mm in any direction
• For belt speeds up to 3.0 m/s or production rates of up to 200,000 packages per hour
• Preconfigured sensors or custom setting of four operating modes via IO-Link
• Compact housing (42 mm x 42 mm x 45 mm) with an IP 67 enclosure rating


• Selective process optimization: information about the number of packages in the process enables better production monitoring
• Better space utilization: no mechanical devices are required to isolate packages, reducing the width of packaging systems and saving space
• Better time management: packages run in push-push mode, which prevents collisions and toppling, and reduces machine downtime
• Stable production for reduced energy consumption
• Fast and intuitive commissioning due to pre-configuration
• Maximum flexibility in the types of objects used thanks to the option of custom-setting four operating modes via IO-Link
• Space-saving mounting due to compact housing

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