MLG-2 Pro


• High-resolution light grid: With beam separation of 2.5 mm, 5 mm, 10 mm, 25 mm, and 50 mm
• “High-speed scan” function with triple scanning speed
• “Transparent mode” function for detecting transparent materials
• Can be switched to high-resolution evaluation with accuracy levels of up to 2 mm
• Data compression: Run length coding


• “High-speed scan” function offers short response times for safely detecting objects traveling at high speeds
• Modular concept offers the perfect solution every time from a single source
• “High measurement accuracy” function for detecting small objects reliably
• “Transparent mode” function for reliably detecting and measuring transparent objects
• Integrated bus interfaces and accompanying functional modules reduce the time and effort involved in the commissioning process
• SOPAS configuration software with menu-driven wizard saves time during the configuration process
• Simple maintenance without the need for specialist staff thanks to the cloning function with IO-Link
• High reliability due to ambient light immunity

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