DecTec Core IP69K


• Type 4 (IEC 61496), SIL3 (IEC 61508), PL e (EN ISO 13849)
• The entire system satisfies enclosure rating IP69K
• Resistance certified in accordance with Ecolab and Diversey
• Easy-to-clean design without edges and gaps
• Protective housing designed to be replaceable
• Breathable membrane prevents protective housing from steaming up


• Enclosure rating IP69K offers high resistance and long service life, making it more economical
• Certified material resistance for maximum reliability
• The ideal design for efficient cleaning in the food industry – it ensures high process and production quality while reducing the risk of contamination
• Replaceable protective housing offers flexibility and saves money in the event that service is needed
• Breathable membrane ensures the highest availability
• Reduction of cleaning times and costs compared to a mechanical protective device

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