Controlador FSC-57 y relevador de seguridad RT6

FSC-57 Controller

• Detachable Terminal Blocks
• 5 Input Configurations (single and dual channel modes hardwire selectable)
• Approved Category 4 Safety device
• 2 LED indicator lights – Green for Power – Red for Fault

RT6 Safety Relay


Dimensions: 4 3/4” x 1 3/4” x 1 3/4”
Power Supply: Voltage (A1-A2) 24VDC +15/-20%
115 VAC +15/-10% 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption: DC supply, normal voltage 2.3W
AC supply, nominal voltage 5.2VA
Safety Inputs: S14 (+) input 20mA
S24 (0V) input 20mA
S34 (+) input 20mA
S44 (+) input 30mA
Response Time: At Power On DC/AC <90ms/220ms
When activating (input-output) <20ms
When deactivatiing (input-output) <20ms
At Power Loss <150ms
Relay Outputs: N.O. 3 N.C. 1
Maximum Switching Capacity: Resistive Load AC: 6A/250 VAC/1500VA
Inductive Load AC: AC15 240 VAC 2 A
Resistive Load DC: 6A/24 VDC/150W
Inductive Load DC: DC13 24VDC 1 A
Maximum Total Switching Capacity:
Resistive Load: 12 A Distributed on all contacts
Maximum Load: 10 m/A10V (if load on contact has not exceeded 100 mA)
Protection Class:
Enclosure: IP 40 IEC 60529
Connection Blocks: IP 20 IEC 60529
Operating Temperature Range: 14oF to 133oF
-10oC to + 55oC (with no icing or condensation)
Operating Humitidy Range: 35% to 85%
Certifications: TUV Nord

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